1. Test plate printed! What’s next?

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  2. Test etching plate! I’ll be printing it tomorrow. Exciting things are afoot!

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  3. Futzing with color and wondering how I still have my feet.

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  4. It’s almost Easter which also means it’s the perfect time to pick up a copy of Sunrise - my comic about how Moravians celebrate the holiday.

    60 pages, black and white and hand-bound with love by me~

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  5. Working on a new zine! Set to hit bookshelves sometime this century.

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  6. A little mushroom spirit.

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  7. Doodles from days gone by.

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  8. That super sweet Creature Zine I told y’all about is now viewable online!

    There are a lot of rad critters in here so you should definitely take a peek. Thank you to Liz Walsh for putting this all together!

  9. Well organized bones at the La Brea Tar Pits.

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  10. Textures at the Getty.

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  11. kanelynch:

    Tabling w/ @emolliente at @lazinefest !

    Zine babes

  12. Had a blast tabling at LA Zinefest! We’re all rich and famous jet setting movie stars now.

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  13. lazinefest:

    The third annual LA Zine Fest is happening in the parking garage of the Helms Bakery building on Sunday February 16, 2014! The event will feature OVER 180 ZINESTERS in one place for one amazing day! 

    ALSO, there will be some amaZINE events: 

    **Black Hill Press Presents: Zine to Publishing**
    Tomas Moniz, Yumi Sakugawa, Kevin Staniec, Mark Todd, & Esther Pearl Watson
    Moderated by Lilliam Rivera

    **The Cartoon Utopia**
    A multi-media presentation by Ron Regé Jr

    **Keynote Speaker**
    Jaime Hernandez (co-creator of Love & Rockets)
    In conversation with Charles Hatfield, author and professor of English, CSUN

    Throughout the day, check in on Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson’s Zine Hut, stop by NOMAD artspace’s table, and drop in in on activities in the Pop-Hop Zine Zone!

    The LA Zine Fest is FREE, it’s close to the new Expo Line, and it’s going to blow your mind right out of your skull in the best way possible. We will see you there!!

    RSVP on Facebook here! Invite your friends, your mom, your dog (and your mom’s dog), and we’ll see you on Sunday, February 16th!


  14. Some more of the patches I just made which are available on my Etsy and which I will also be peddling at LA Zinefest(!) this Sunday.

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  15. lazinefest:


    What was your first zine about and when was it made?

    Last year I teamed up with Kane Lynch to create Lake Cat, a zine which tells the 100% factual and true story of our search for a legendary vicious cat creature which lives in the Oakland hills.

    Describe your most recent zine.
    Most recently I have been working on Sunrise, a book which illustrates the oldest easter celebration in the country. It deals with ritual, music and community.

    Of all the things you’ve ever made, zine-related or otherwise, what’s your one favorite?
    In addition to drawing and printmaking I work with textiles, primarily weaving. In the last few years I’ve been aiming to bring my fiber work and printed work together, resulting in a series of pieces, some more aesthetically pleasing than others, which I’m most excited about. My current fave is a woven wall hanging incorporating printed strips.

    Read the rest at the LA Zine Fest blog!

    LA Zinefest is in less than a week, ahhh!